University Of Bologna Learning Agreement

The Trends 2018 report focuses on mapping developments in learning and teaching, an increasingly important topic in institutions and political discussions across Europe. The EEA has also paid close attention to the need to recognise the qualifications and education of refugees. It also regularly monitors the impact of international trade agreements on recognition. Not just studies at UNIBO: language courses, university events, music, sports and much more enrich your university experience. After your home university has announced your job as an exchange student at the University of Bologna, you will receive a first email (“acceptance message”) asking you to complete your online registration. During check-in, you must download one. JPG file with a picture of your face. You can also download your learning agreement. The importance of learning gains has developed in recent years in European universities…. The apprenticeship agreement is the curriculum agreed with your university, which is committed to recognizing successful exams and credits acquired during the exchange period, and the exchange coordinator at the University of Bologna. The form is provided by your university.

The origins of the University of Bologna go back a long way, and it is considered the oldest university in the Western world. Its history is linked to that of the great names of science and literature; It is a cornerstone and a reference point for European culture. Many of the association`s activities are devoted to the development of European politics and practice within the framework of Bologna. The EEA addresses a wider range of issues essential to AEEH and its universities, such as quality assurance, mobility, governance, funding, lifelong learning, student monitoring and employability, recognition and the impact of international trade agreements on higher education. The date of creation of the University of Bologna is uncertain, but most reports consider it 1088. [11] The university received a certificate in 1158 from Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa (Authentica inhabited), but in the 19th century a committee of historians led by GiosuĂ© Carducci founded the university until 1088, making it the oldest continuous working university in the world. [12] [13] [14] The development of the University of Bologna into a university was however a gradual process. Paul Grendler writes that “there probably wasn`t enough teaching and organization to deserve this term of university until the 1150s, and it may not have been until the 1180s.” [15] The university is in 33 departments[35] (there were 66 until 2012), organized by homogeneous research areas that incorporate activities related to one or more faculties.

In 2015, a new Latin History Department was added. In recent years, improving learning and teaching has become a priority, and not just for… The University of Bologna saw the first woman to obtain a university degree and teach at a university, Bettisia Gozzadini, and the first woman to obtain both a doctorate in science and a paid position as a university professor, Laura Bassi. Bettisia Gozzadini obtained a law degree in 1237, making her one of the first women in history to obtain a university degree. [21] For two years she taught law at home, in 1239 she taught at the university and became the first woman in history to teach at a university. [22] On 7 November, the first 17 alliances of the European Higher Education Initiative were created in Brussels, in the presence of around 800 representatives from universities, universities, students, national ministries and the European Commission.

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