Volcan Vedanta Relationship Agreement

When two or more persons, on the basis of a formal or informal agreement, act together to acquire or control a stake in relevant securities of an offering company or a securities supplier, they are considered to be a single person within the meaning of Rule 8.3. Gorey Investments Limited (“Gorey”) was founded in 2010 as part of a share repurchase program of Vedanta Resources. As part of a purchase and appointment agreement of March 31, 2010, which was concluded between Gorey and a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, Vedanta Jersey (“Vedanta Jersey”), Vedanta Jersey was entitled to order Gorey to transfer some or all of The shares of Vedanta Resources advantageously owned by Gorey or its nominees to one or more third-party acquirers appointed by Vedanta Jersey. (R) a contract, obligation to make or propose an agreement or agreement regarding the transactions, business or events covered by that condition, a contract, obligation, agreement or agreement regarding the transactions, business or events covered by that condition; In accordance with Rule 26.1 of the Code, a copy of this notice is published and published and made available on The Vedanta website under www.vedantaresources.com/investor-relations/volcan-offer, subject to certain restrictions on persons residing in restricted jurisdictions, no later than 12 o`clock on the business day following the announcement. In order to avoid any doubt, the content of the site is not included in this ad and is not part of this ad. (H) is entered or modified by a contract manager, an agreement, agreement or amendment, or has announced its intention to submit or amend the terms of an offer or offer (which remains open for acceptance) with a view to concluding or amending the terms, contracts, commitments, agreements or service agreements with a director or, with the exception of salary increases, bonuses or changes to the terms of the ordinary course, of an Antidanta group executive; For more information, see www.vedantalimited.com The offer document, additional information on the offer, and the form of acceptance attached to the offer document will be published within 28 days of this announcement (or the subsequent date that can be agreed with the panel) and the offer document will be published on the Vedanta Resources website at www.vedantaresources.com/investor-relations/volcan-offer until 12:00 p.m. of the business day, after announcing that the offer document has been sent to Vedanta shareholders. (i) with the exception of disclosure, there is no provision, contract, license, license, franchise, leasing or other instrument in which a member of the Wider Vedanta group participates or in which such a member or such asset is related or to which his or her assets are related; right or right of object or event or circumstance which, as a result of the proposed offer or acquisition of Vedanta shares or other securities by a member of the Wider Volcano Group or a change of control or management of a member of the Wider Vedanta Group or in some other way, would reasonably lead to a result: the cash counterparties to be paid to Vedanta shareholders as part of the offer are financed by a new facility agreement, by a new facility agreement, among others, Volcan Investments as guarantor, Volcano Cyprus as a borrower and Credit Suisse SA, Branch Singapore and Standard Chartered as a lender in a total amount of $1,100,000,000 (the “facilitate contract”).

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