World Elite Rogers Bank Mastercard Cardholder Agreement

Cash advances can be processed at an ATM or at any bank. It costs $5.00 each time you receive a cash advance inside or outside Canada. To check the mastercard exchange rate® before making your purchase, please visit: Set up your account and get money back. What is the interest rate on Rogers Bank Mastercards? Transaction activities on account warnings indicate your purchase amount in Canadian dollars with the exchange rate applied. The purchase amount on your statement of account includes, in addition to the exchange rate, the 2.5% fee for foreign transactions. A $5.00 fee is charged when purchasing items directly converted into cash or similar to cash, including money instructions, transfers, traveller`s cheques and gambling transactions (including off-piste bets, off-piste bets, circuit bets, casino chips and lottery tickets). If you exceed your credit limit, your purchase conditions may be rejected. If a purchase exceeding your credit limit is allowed, you will be charged a $29 fee per billing period for an amount over the limit. . Ask for an extra card for authorized users and earn rewards even faster! You can switch from a Rogers™ Platinum® to World Elite® Master®card or vice versa at any time, but you can only have one credit card account (Rogers Platinum or World Elite Mastercard) at any time. To obtain authorization from the Rogers World Elite® Mastercard® account, you must have a minimum annual minimum of at least $15,000 total purchase during each annual audit period. The annual audit period begins on August 1 of a year and ends on July 31 of the following year.

What currency should I choose when travelling or shopping online? If we see suspicious activity in your account, a fraud warning will help keep your account safe. $5.00 for an additional copy of your monthly statement or to reprint a transaction file. For Quebecers, there is no charge for an impression of a transaction. Can I have a Rogers Platinum Mastercard and a World Elite Mastercard at the same time? . $25 cash welcome bonus on the first purchase of the card within 3 months of receiving your card If you sign up for Rogers Bank™ account notifications, we will automatically notify you via SMS or email if there is a change in your account, including a change in your credit limit. Here are the registration instructions for account notifications. For more information, see the agreement and the disclosure overview for cardholders. The card comes with Mastercard® non-benefit: Automatically pay your rogers™, Fido™ or Chatr™ invoice by pre-authorized payment.

Our fraud detection systems automatically protect your account during your trip, so you don`t have to inform us of your travel plans before you leave. Continue to use your card normally and we will only contact you if necessary. Rogers Bank notifications allow you to manage your budget and stay in your account. We will send you a text or email notification as soon as we notice a change in activity. The dishonourable payment fee is $42.00 each time a payment made from or on your credit card account is disgraced. All foreign currency transactions are converted to the rate set by Mastercard International, on or after the date of the transaction and no later than the date the transaction is registered to your account (which may not be the same as the date of the transaction) in addition to an amount equal to 2.5% of the transaction amount after conversion to Canadian dollar.

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